Taking it easy.


Sorry for the lack of posts. After last week, I’ve just been taking it easy since I have almost no work due or tests this week. It’s been a while since I’ve had a week like this!!

Anyways did you have a good Halloween?? Mine stunk because of all the tests/quizzes and the speech I had the next day.  So Halloween night I just watched Scandal and drank wine with my roommates which was nice after a stressful week.


notice my Jack Skellington nails?? They took forever and my left hand at least turned out okay, the right…not so much.

My most exciting news I have to share is that I signed up for the Christmas Town Dash 8k!!! I haven’t done a race since my freshman year, and that was only a 5k! I’m pretty nervous but also really excited.  The course actually goes through Busch Gardens which is awesome.  Ever since I got a season pass to BGW I’ve been going probably 20 times a year. I pretty much know the place like the back of my hand! The only downside to running through the park is that it is VERY hilly.  When they built the park they built it with the natural hills that were on the land and didn’t level anything. So…that’s gonna be great. 😉


So in training for the 8k ( yes I have to train for it, I’m not a crazy awesome runner like most people who can just whip out 10 or more miles in a day!) I’ve been trying to up my mileage each week. It’s only 5 miles which isn’t too scary, but it’s definitely a challenge for me.  I started out by going to 2 miles, then 3, and today I actually ran 4! I felt like I wanted to die. But I ran 4! This is on a treadmill though so I know I need to start practicing running outside more.  The only thing is my school is in a not so nice city and honestly running around the neighborhoods here freaks me out a little :/ Oh well, I’ll figure out a way!


Other than that this week has been pretty chill. My awesome friend Em and I went to Chipotle for lunch yesterday and scored some great deals at Target!


The cardigans were only about $5 each and the dress was $7.50!! Gotta love Target’s 70% off racks

I also bought this flavor of Kevita at the Fresh Market a few days ago.  I’d seen it on some blogs and it sounded SO good! Well….it wasn’t. Man it tastes horrible! I hate when that happens, there goes $3 down the drain 😦


And last but not least, now that it’s November…Frozen comes out this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SUPER excited for this movie if you couldn’t tell.  It comes out on the 27th and I’m already counting down the days! 🙂


 Are you excited for Frozen to come out too?

That’s all for now, have a great rest of the week!


If I could actually dress up for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!!

As a kid, Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  Besides the crazy amount of candy I’d get, there was just something about going trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  It felt so eerie, that anything could happen.  That maybe ghosts and vampires could actually exist! haha Anyways, since coming to college Halloween has become less fun over the years. I’ve either had classes that night or not enough time/money to make a costume.  Especially this year, I have a quiz and a test Halloween night and then a speech the next morning! What a buzz kill right?

So instead of dressing up this year I’ll be studying away and practicing a speech. Not my idea of Halloween fun, but I though it would be fun to share my costume ideas if I actually was going to dress up this year!

1) Sally- Nightmare Before Christmas

I am in LOVE with the Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean it’s Disney obviously. But I think the love story between Jack and Sally is so cute 🙂 I’m pretty tall too so Sally would be a perfect costume for me!


2) Mellie Grant- Scandal

I blame this one on all my roommates, especially you Maya! I recently became obsessed with this show and can. not. stop. watching. it. The main character of the show is Olivia Pope but surprisingly she’s not my favorite! I think the First Lady, Mellie Grant, is the absolute best.  She’s super sassy and always goes after what she wants.  Plus I think her wardrobe and hair/makeup are fabulous so it would be a blast dressing up as Mellie.


3)Poison Ivy- Batman

When I was younger I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Batman.  Not the new movies though, I think those stink.  I’m talking about the ones made in the 80s/90s!  My favorite is Batman & Robin. I mean come on it has George Clooney AND Chris O’Donnell in it, and they both wear leather suits…what more could a girl ask for?!? Anyways, when I was in this phase I went as Batgirl that year for Halloween and loved my costume.  I thought Alicia Silverstone was so badass as Batgirl so I loved going as her that year! However, now that I’m older, I think it would be SO much fun to go as Poison Ivy.  Uma Therman plays her in the movie and does a great job, plus her costumes in that movie are amazing.


4) Alice in Wonderland

I’ve pretty much been every blonde Disney character you can think of for Halloween except for Alice! I was Cinderella when I was 3 years old, I was Aurora in high school, and freshman year of college I was Tinkerbell.  Alice is the only one left and I just love her blue dress.  I especially like the parks version and how they make her skirt so full looking, I think it would be so much fun to prance around in! haha And Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies anyways so I definitely need to dress up as her at some point!

That’s all for now. Hope you have a fantastic (and safe!) Halloween! 🙂


Howl o Scream 2013: Fear Has a Way of Spreading

Hey there! So this past Friday my amazing friend Em and I got to go to Busch Gardens for the opening night of Howl o Scream! Busch was running a great deal where all passholders could bring a friend for free so of course I asked Em right away if she wanted to go!

We got to the park around 4:30ish and decided to ride as many coasters as we could before 6, when all of the Howl o Scream festivities started. The first coaster we went to was Verbolten. I was in shock as to how little of a line there was! We literally walked right up to the loading area and got in line for the front row since the line was so short!

I couldn't believe this!

I couldn’t believe this!

After V-bolt I believe we headed towards Alpengeist, which also had no wait at all too! We decided to go for the back row because there was only a line for the front car, that was it! We got on next to two other girls who told us this was their 3rd time in a row staying on! Crazy right? We were on a roll so after Alp, we headed over to Griffon, one of my favorites! 😉 I didn’t think she would actually do it, but I convinced Em to ride the front row!! Really when it comes to Griffon you aren’t riding it unless you’re in the front row. I mean those few seconds where you dangle over the drop are really best experienced in the front. I’m proud of you Em for riding front row! 😀

Next we headed over to the good ole Lochness Monster! This coaster is pretty special to me even though it’s the most overlooked at the park since it’s so old. Why is it special you ask? Well it was the very first coaster I ever rode! I remember my first time riding it, I was probably 6 or 7 and was SO terrified. But afterwards I loved it and well…my coaster obsession took off from that day 😉



The prettiest view at the park in my opinion. It never gets old.

The prettiest view at the park in my opinion. It never gets old.

After Nessie the only coaster we had left was Apollos Chariot! It was a little after 6 by then so the scaring had begun and we were on extra watch while walking over there. We rode Apollos then it was time to get scared….

The only problem is that we are complete scaredy cats when it comes to this kind of stuff! haha But we were brave and headed towards our first haunted house of the night- Deadline. I had done this one once before last year so I kind of knew what to expect but still I was literally shaking. The theme of this one is a haunted subway kind of thing and it was soooo dark in there! We survived though, but we certainly did a ton of screaming.

After Deadline we got in the queue for Cut Throat Cove, the newest haunted house in the lineup for this year. The theme was pirates and while we screamed a lot, it was probably the least scary. I liked the scenery though, they did the pirates them well with a prison cell room, a captains quarters, a bar room, etc.

Walking the plank haha :)

Walking the plank haha 🙂

Getting scared so much definitely caused us to work up an appetite, so we headed to the Festhaus next for some dinner! I got a turkey wrap and Em got a pizza, which I should have gotten too- it was so good! The show in the Festhaus was going on while we ate dinner and it was pretty cool. They did a lot of covers/dancing to old 80s songs which was really neat. I loved the costumes too, that’s always my favorite part of watching shows!

Once we finished our dinner I think we headed for another haunted house but the line was too long. So I think we then rode the swings?? Em, if I’m wrong feel free to say so in the comments! haha But I know we did ride the swings at some point and it was a blast! The next haunted house we did was the Catacombs in France. Oh my goodness this one was terrifying. The dead skull people things were so creepy and one of them really scared us good! After we came out of the exit we were trying to take a picture of our “scared” faces and one of the skull things followed us and popped up behind us yelling “Photobomb!” Hahaha we screamed but also died of laughing.


After France we headed back to Ireland and got in line for 13. This one was probably the most terrifying as it’s theme was 13 fears. The first one was dead people so there was a coffin which was creepy, but the one that really got me was the second fear- claustrophobia! They had black plastic that literally encased you and you had to fight your way through it. You could seriously not see anything and I felt like I was trapped. Ugh, I am definitely a claustrophobic person. This one lasted a long time too since there was 13 different rooms you had to go through!

Once that was over with we decided it was time for some gelato in Italy! I got a scoop of dark chocolate and a scoop of the cappuccino flavor. It was so good!

The moon was eerily beautiful that night.

The moon was eerily beautiful that night.

At this point we had about an hour or so left in the park and the other 2 haunted houses that were left had too long of waits so we rode Alpengeist one more time and then ended the night with one last ride on Verbolten! Em had to get a funnel cake on the way out too and even though we were both stuffed it tasted so good! haha We did a lot of walking so I mean it all balances out right?!

All in all we had SUCH a great time. I’m so glad we got to go and I thought Busch did a great job for the opening night of Howl o Scream! And thanks for going with me Em!!

It was truly a Friday the 13th I'll always remember!

It was truly a Friday the 13th I’ll always remember!