Wait, what???

If you’ve seen the latest Disney movie, then you certainly understand the title right??

Well, if you haven’t seen it, I’m talking about Frozen!!!


You guys, this movie has literally changed my life.  I wrote about it a few weeks ago and about how excited I was to go and see it.  I knew it was going to be a good movie, I mean hello it’s Disney, but I had NO idea just how AMAZING it would be!!!!  The day after I got home for Thanksgiving break, my mother and I went to see it opening day.

Oh. My. Gosh.

We were BOTH sobbing it was that good!!!! I mean I always cry easily at Disney movies, but when I looked over and saw my mom tearing up?? I KNEW this was a winner. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry at a Disney movie!  We both loved it so much that we actually went and saw it again 2 days later! Yeah, it’s really that good y’all.

So without giving away any spoilers, here are some of my favorite things about this movie:

-The characters- They were all so great.  They all had their own stories and it was just such a great cast of characters.  My favorites are of course the sisters, Anna and Elsa.  Anna is totally my fave though, she’s awkward (like me), spontaneous, and just so optimistic it’s adorable!! Elsa is of course gorgeous as well, and she’s more reserved which I can relate to as well.


-The sidekicks- Olaf and Sven were ADORABLE! Olaf was so freaking hilarious, he had some really great lines in the movie. And Sven, Kristoff’s reindeer, is just too stinking cute.  Especially baby Sven, he’s SOOOOOO dang precious!


-The music- Holy cow.  They really outdid themselves with the soundtrack for this movie.  I bought it on Black Friday because I NEEDED it.  The movie’s main song, Let It Go, is just absolutely breathtaking.  It’s such a powerful and beautiful song.  I’ve probably listened to it about 1000 times and I’m going to listen to it about 10,0000 more! Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) sings it and its just so fabulous.  I actually got a sore throat from trying to (unsuccessfully) belt out the song and match her chords! My other favorite song is Love Is An Open Door.  This song is so cute and fun, I love it!!

The Love Is An Open Door scene is so pretty!

The Love Is An Open Door scene is so pretty!

-The scenery- Oh my gosh this movie is just so visually stunning I can’t even handle it!!  Especially once it becomes winter, the scenes are breathtaking and just so beautiful.



This scene especially is just so gorgeous. I even have it as my background on my computer!

-The twist- haha I won’t give it away of course!! But I was SO shocked.  I tried not to research the movie too much before I saw it so I’d be surprised, and well I totally was!


Overall this movie is just absolutely fantastic and if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend that you do!!! Right this second, if you can 😉

This is hands down my new favorite Disney movie and I have a feeling I’m going to be obsessed with Frozen for a veryyyy long time!


Also, a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Walt Disney himself! I admire this man so much, and his creation of what we know Disney as today is something that inspires me greatly.  I can’t wait to work for your company some day soon! 🙂



Almost there.

Hello! It’s finally the weekend!!! And can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I can’t wait for break to finally get here.

You have no idea how relieved I am that this week is finally over.  As I mentioned in my last post, this week was quite a big one for me.  Overall it wasn’t that bad though, I managed to make it through all the tests and my last speech for my public speaking class (insert celebratory jumping up and down here)! I pretty much hate public speaking so I’m really glad my last speech is done and over with.

Anyways, not all of this week was bad! Here are some of the random highlights and thoughts from my week:

– My last speech I had to give was a persuasive speech and I chose to do why you should buy organic foods.  I learned a lot from researching about it and it’s pretty scary what goes into non-organic food y’all! To see if I could really taste a difference between organic and non-organic, I bought a container of organic and non-organic raspberries from Trader Joe’s. Holy cow I could definitely taste a difference!! The organic ones were so sweet and I literally finished the container in a day.  The non-organic ones were definitely less sweet and had more of a chemically aftertaste to them. So crazy.


-My Dad also came down for work on Wednesday-Thursday which made my week so much better! Since his job requires him to come down to one of the army bases near my school a lot we always have a tradition of eating at Whole Foods for dinner! It’s kind of a hike to get to the only Whole Foods in the area but it’s so worth it. I would marry that store if I could.  Dinner was good but I’m still kinda mad that this Whole Foods changed their mac n cheese recipe.  It used to be a lot different (and amazing) but the recipe they use now makes it so much more saltier and not as cheesy tasting in my opinion. Oh well 😦


My dad is also the best and he brought me this one day!


Godiva= ❤

We went to Walmart before he left so I could get a few things I needed and we found the supersized version of one of my dog Copper’s toys! It’s the loofah dog toy and they had these giant versions there! I really want to buy one because it’s about triple the size of my dog and I think it would be hilarious watching him try to carry that around haha! I’m horrible, I know 😉


– A new nutrition store opened up near my school and I went yesterday to check it out.  I saw online they had the new flavor of Quest bars so that’s the main reason I went.  When I got there I was the only one in the store and the manager ended up talking to me for like 15 minutes! He was really nice but he was telling all about the best like pre-workout supplements and intense vitamins and stuff like that. haha I was so lost! But he did end up talking me into buying some fish oil pills.  I’ve heard some things about the benefits of fish oil so I figured I’d give it a try.


He gave me lots of free samples of protein too which was really nice. I can’t wait to try them out!

-Last but not least, FROZEN COMES OUT NEXT WEEK!!!!!! As you probably know, I’m a HUGE Disney freak. I mean duh, that’s the inspiration behind my blog name 😉 Anyways, I’m literally SO freaking excited for Frozen you have no idea.  I think this movie looks absolutely beautiful, with all the snow and ice.  And the sisters, Anna and Elsa, are so pretty and I just love their dresses.  My obsession for this movie has gotten so bad that every time the preview comes on tv, my roommates think I’m having a seizure or something…. #disneyfreakprobs 🙂


I’m definitely seeing it the day it comes out, and I think I’ve even convinced my mom to come see it with me.  Even if she backs out, I’ll just go by myself, I want to see it that badly!!!!

That’s all I have for now.  I just have to get through this weekend and Monday then I get to head home Tuesday which will be nice.

Have a great weekend!