Wow, so it’s been awhile huh?

With final exams and the holidays I just never really had time to blog (aka I just wanted to be lazy and sleep a lot) 😉

Anyways, so what have I been up to the past month or so??

Well, if you recall my last post was about Frozen, Disney’s newest animated movie. And well it’s still basically my life. Really, I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE this movie!!!!!! So far I’ve seen it 7 times…yes, 7. And I’m actually going with all my roommates tonight to see it again as two of them have not seen it yet ( I know, how am I friends with them right?!?) haha

To prove how much I love this movie, here’s a picture of my bed. Yep, I am a 20, almost 21, year old college student and I have no shame.


I also ran my 8k!! It was pretty tough but I met all my goals!! I didn’t walk, finished in under an hour (about 50 minutes to be exact), and I didn’t barf at the finish line. haha I’ll be honest though the last 2 miles or so I really started to feel horrible and nauseous.


So after feeling that way just running 5 miles what did I do?? I signed up for a 1/2 MARATHON!!!!!


Yes, I am insane.  I’m running it with my really good friend Em  and I’m a little less nervous because she’s done 2 half marathons before so she’s a pro! I’m still nervous about training though, it’s A LOT of running :/ Plus I’m just worried about being nauseous too.  I find when I run long distances I get very very nauseous. Anyone have any tips to help with this??

But I also got new running shoes for Christmas so that’ll hopefully help with not being in pain like I was with my old shoes.  I got the Brooks Adrenalines, at least I think that’s the model?? I love them because they fit really well and have great arch support which is what I need!


Other than that I had a pretty relaxing Christmas break.  My dad and I went to Christmas Town on Christmas Eve which was a lot of fun! They have the best hot chocolate there and the lights are just so gorgeous!


I also slept a lot, went shopping with my mom a lot (why does spending money have to be so fun??), and ate a lot haha.  It’s good to be back at school but I’m already missing my puppies!! Hopefully I’ll get to see them soon 🙂

Copper waiting for Santa to come

Copper waiting for Santa to come

I really can’t believe it’s already second semester of my junior year, and I can actually say that I graduate college NEXT year!!!! Holy cow where did the time go???