Hi! My name is Clarice (yes, like from Silence of the Lambs) and I’m a 20 year old college junior.  I’m currently a Communications major/Business minor and plan on working for Disney when I graduate! I am a huge Disney freak so my dream job is to work at Disney World, preferably as a VP of one of the parks 🙂  Disney has always been a huge passion of mine therefore I knew about 4 years ago that working for them would be an amazing career to have.

In addition to my love for Disney I also enjoy health and fitness.  I did cheerleading for 10 years but became very interested in the health/fitness world after starting college my freshman year.  Having access to a gym all the time definitely spiked my curiosity! After discovering health & lifestyle blogs freshman year as well I totally changed the way I ate and started working out consistently.  I never really needed to lose weight but the amazing feeling I soon had after working out and eating well had me hooked!

My other interests also include Volkswagens, Aerosmith, the NY Giants, fashion, amusement parks, and anything pink 😉 As you can see I’m a total mix of girly girl yet tomboy! haha So I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of different things here on this blog. Hope you enjoy it!


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