If I could actually dress up for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!!

As a kid, Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  Besides the crazy amount of candy I’d get, there was just something about going trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  It felt so eerie, that anything could happen.  That maybe ghosts and vampires could actually exist! haha Anyways, since coming to college Halloween has become less fun over the years. I’ve either had classes that night or not enough time/money to make a costume.  Especially this year, I have a quiz and a test Halloween night and then a speech the next morning! What a buzz kill right?

So instead of dressing up this year I’ll be studying away and practicing a speech. Not my idea of Halloween fun, but I though it would be fun to share my costume ideas if I actually was going to dress up this year!

1) Sally- Nightmare Before Christmas

I am in LOVE with the Nightmare Before Christmas. I mean it’s Disney obviously. But I think the love story between Jack and Sally is so cute 🙂 I’m pretty tall too so Sally would be a perfect costume for me!


2) Mellie Grant- Scandal

I blame this one on all my roommates, especially you Maya! I recently became obsessed with this show and can. not. stop. watching. it. The main character of the show is Olivia Pope but surprisingly she’s not my favorite! I think the First Lady, Mellie Grant, is the absolute best.  She’s super sassy and always goes after what she wants.  Plus I think her wardrobe and hair/makeup are fabulous so it would be a blast dressing up as Mellie.


3)Poison Ivy- Batman

When I was younger I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Batman.  Not the new movies though, I think those stink.  I’m talking about the ones made in the 80s/90s!  My favorite is Batman & Robin. I mean come on it has George Clooney AND Chris O’Donnell in it, and they both wear leather suits…what more could a girl ask for?!? Anyways, when I was in this phase I went as Batgirl that year for Halloween and loved my costume.  I thought Alicia Silverstone was so badass as Batgirl so I loved going as her that year! However, now that I’m older, I think it would be SO much fun to go as Poison Ivy.  Uma Therman plays her in the movie and does a great job, plus her costumes in that movie are amazing.


4) Alice in Wonderland

I’ve pretty much been every blonde Disney character you can think of for Halloween except for Alice! I was Cinderella when I was 3 years old, I was Aurora in high school, and freshman year of college I was Tinkerbell.  Alice is the only one left and I just love her blue dress.  I especially like the parks version and how they make her skirt so full looking, I think it would be so much fun to prance around in! haha And Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies anyways so I definitely need to dress up as her at some point!

That’s all for now. Hope you have a fantastic (and safe!) Halloween! 🙂


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