The race to Fall Break.

Hey there!

I haven’t posted since last week because I’ve been SWAMPED with work.  It’s midterms week and holy cow this is the worst one ever.  I had a test last week, 3 tests this week, and a 4-7 page paper due.  So needless to say I’ve been drowned in work :/ Gotta love college right?

Anyways, tomorrow I get to leave early to head home since my only class was cancelled! I’m excited to go home and see my dogs, because let’s be real I treat them like they’re my siblings, maybe even my kids (if I had kids haha)….Either way, it’s scary how obsessed I am with my dogs. #singlegirlprobs

So here are just some random things from the past week or so that I’ve been up to:

<3 <3 <3

My friend Em and I went to Dairy Queen to get our first Pumpkin Pie blizzards of the season!!! These are literally the best things to ever exist on the planet. They’re sooooooooo good!

20131017-113930.jpgI know it’s kinda hard to see, but I ran 2 miles on the treadmill this past weekend!! I was really proud of myself because after running a lot freshman year, I kinda scaled back a bit and got it in my head that I couldn’t run for more than 10 minutes.  I always felt so tired and pretty much convinced myself that running wasn’t for me, even though I’d ran a 5k, and then 4 miles in the past two years! Anyways, my awesome roommate Laney gave me good advice that it was all just in my head, that running is so simple and to just not think about it.  So that’s what I did! And it felt great.  I’m planning on running an 8k in December so my goal is to add a mile every week or so, that way I can be ready to run 5 miles!


I have a major problem….I like to buy really cute plates, bowls, utensils, etc. when I really don’t need them. But who could resist this adorable fox plate??!! I found it at Walmart and just couldn’t say no. Too stinking cute.

And then I made some pumpkin protein pancakes for breakfast which went great with my new plate so it all worked out 🙂


Alright that’s all I have for now! I’m off to study some more for my final test this week.  I’m hoping to go to our campus farmers market after my test too because the class I usually have during it is cancelled for today so I’m hoping to find some good stuff there!

Have a great weekend!


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