Myrtle Beach-Day 1

Hey there!

I just got back from the beach last night and man I am missing it so much already. I had a great time but wish it hadn’t of gone by so quickly!

Sunday morning my dad and I packed up our rental car and headed out around 9. The drive to Myrtle Beach from our house is about 8-9 hours so we knew we had a long day ahead of us.  I packed a lot of healthy snacks for the road: trail mix, fruit, protein bars, etc. But I don’t really know if that was a good thing or not…road trips always seem to make me really hungry. Probably because I’m just bored, but I felt like the whole way there I couldn’t stop snacking!


There's a town called Gaston! Although I don't think it's pronounced the same way as in Beauty & the Beast, the Disney nerd in me was still very excited about this :)

There’s a town called Gaston! Although I don’t think it’s pronounced the same way as in Beauty & the Beast, the Disney nerd in me was still very excited about this 🙂


We packed our lunch for the road so we didn’t have to stop which was nice.  But we did certainly stop for Mcdonalds sugar free vanilla iced coffees! OMG Have you ever tried one? I think I’ve written about them before but they are literally the worlds best iced coffee ever to exist.  I mean I work at Starbucks and I would choose Mickey D’s over Sbux any day. It’s that good. So we got our iced coffee fix and I drove for like 45 minutes….I would have driven more but I have a bladder the size of a lima bean so yeah. Sorry dad! 😉

One stop I had been looking forward to on this trip was to South of the Border!! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a tourist trap on the side of the road that’s a little below the border between NC and SC.  My dad however was loathing stopping here because well, it’s not the cleanest place in the world! It’s pretty much a dump but you cannot travel south and not stop there in my opinion! We looked in one of the gift shops for about 10 minutes but didn’t buy anything. Then it was time to hit the road again.


After South of the Border we were only about 75ish miles away from Myrtle Beach.  The road we took though to go east seemed to last foreverrrr. I’m not a fan of scary movies, but if you’ve ever seen Jeepers Creepers, this road reminded me of it a little too much.  It was so desolate I felt like we were going to pass the old church with the tube out front at any second. haha Anyways after what seemed like eternity, we finally arrived in Myrtle Beach!

The hotel we stayed at was located in North Myrtle Beach so luckily we didn’t have too far to go once we entered the city. We stayed at a Best Western which was right on the beach, the hotel looked pretty nice so I was excited! Well…I spoke too soon.  This hotel owned 3 different buildings and the one we were staying in was a few buildings down.  After we checked in, we went to our room and pretty much the only way to describe the room is that it was a dump!  It wasn’t horrible, but it definitely was low on the list of hotels we’ve stayed at.  My dad got the king size bed while I had the lovely (uncomfortable) pull out sofa bed.  The bathroom was so incredibly tiny, the sink itself was probably the size of my dogs water bowl. No lie. But since we could literally walk downstairs and be on the beach in about 20 feet, I guess we couldn’t complain too much!


Ugh I'm missing this view already.

Ugh I’m missing this view already.

After we got settled in it was already around 7:00 so we figured we should head out in search of some dinner.  Myrtle Beach is filled, I mean filllled, with tons of seafood buffets and steak houses.  Neither of which my dad and I really care for.  So after searching for awhile and not really finding anything that sounded good, I remembered a restaurant we went to a lot last time we were in Myrtle, Salsaritas.  We set off in search of it and found it pretty easily.  Salsaritas is kind of like Moes or Chipotle but in my opinion it’s a little better! It’s really simple to order, you just choose a quesadilla, tacos, salad, or burrito and pick what you want in it.  No fussy names like Moes has haha! I got a chicken quesadilla and it tasted great.  Since I usually get salads at those kinds of places I knew I wanted something different since it was vacation 😉

After our dinner, we drove up and down the main drag of Myrtle Beach going into probably about 15 different beach stores.  Eagles, Wings, Bargain Beachwear, you name it, we went into one! They of course all have the same stuff but it’s kinda fun to look at, especially to get you into the beach spirit.

After shopping a bit, it was getting pretty late so after a long day of traveling we called it a night!

I’ll be back with Day 2 soon!


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