Hey there!

It’s officially vacation time for me!! Woo hoo!

After opening Sbux this morning and getting up at 3:20am, I’m looking forward to not working for awhile 😉

So this week was pretty fun!

-Last weekend my mom and I had a girls weekend-we had a blast! Saturday night we rented Gangster Squad (LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!!!!) cooked up some salmon and drank some Strawberitas. The Strawberitas had an interesting flavor, I liked that they were fizzy and slightly sweet, but the beer flavor is something I’m not really a fan of too much.

-We also went to Wolf furniture and goofed around a bit while looking at all the pretty furniture.  I found a man there. haha He seemed a little stiff though, plus I don’t think I could handle the Amish lifestyle 😉


-Then on Monday my mom and I went to Kings Dominion for the day! I’m currently writing a post about our day trip and should have it up soon!


-I got my hair done yesterday and was at the salon for a whopping 7 hours……yes you read that right! 7 hours. I have (well had now!) extermely thick and long hair. Like it was to my waist, maybe  longer! I’m naturally a blonde but had been dying my hair brown for the past year but decided I wanted to go back to blonde again.  My hairdresser is amazing, serioiusly she is a rockstar.  She had to lift the color out, treat it, highlight it, cut it, thin it out, blow it dry.  I was there all day! But it was worth it (even though it cost $300!!!!!!!!) because now it’s a heck of a lot shorter but it feels SO much lighter! I love the color too.  It’s much lighter and I’m definitely on my way back to being blonde 🙂


quite a difference from the picture above eh?!?

-I leave for Myrtle Beach on Sunday! I’m pretty excited as it’s the first vacation I’ve had since I turned 18 and went to Disney World! I’m hoping to get a tan to go with my new hair, but knowing my luck I’ll probably just burn :/

-I got new workout shoes! I got them at the Nike outlet and I’m in looove with them.


yes I put my shoe on top of my laptop…I couldn’t find any better lighting!

-These things. Holy cow. They are the bane of my existence right now. They’re so good.




That’s all I have for now! Have a great week!

°o° Clarice

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