Monstrous Summer Shenanigans.

Hey there! Long time no talk huh? I swear I’ll get better at blogging on a regular schedule…someday 😉

On opening day my mother and I went to see Monsters University!! I was so pumped for this movie as I remember seeing Monsters Inc. when it came out many years ago.  Mike and Sully are just the cutest pair of friends and this movie definitely lived up to all the hype 🙂


Then last Thursday my mother and I drove to visit my grandmother for the day.  She lives about two hours away, right outside Charlottesville.  I hadn’t seen her since Christmas so it was nice to catch up! Due to family drama she’s pretty much the only relative I actually ever get to talk to. Sad right? What can you do though.  When I have a family someday, I want a big one, and one that gets along…hopefully!

Anyways, since we were so close to Charlottesville I convinced my mother that we HAD to go to Great Harvest bakery.  If you’re familiar with the healthy food/fitness blogging world you would know that the amazing Kath, of Kath Eats Real Food, and her husband own the Great Harvest bakery in Cville! I was hoping to spot either of them, plus Mazen too because they have the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, but no such luck! The bread and other goodies they had there were so amazing though which made up for it! We ended up getting a loaf of the Whole Grain Goodness, I got a Savannah bar, my mother got  the turtle bar, and we also got a bag of the Cville Cluster granola. It was all so good we had to get a lot obviously 🙂


Then this past weekend my dad and I went to a Frederick Keys baseball game.  The Frederick Keys are a minor league baseball team but their games are super fun to go to.  They’re very family friendly and they always have cute contests and games between innings.  One reason we went to this game was because it was Disney night! They were giving away a 3 night trip to Disney World and I wanted to win soooooooo badly but no such luck 😦 You should have seen me though, I literally wore everything Mickey possible, even Mickey ears.  Yeah, that’s how obsessed I am… Anyways the other reason we went too is because my amazing roommate from last year, Maya, is an intern for the Keys! So it was awesome getting to see her around the stadium doing her important intern stuff (like wearing a princess dress and dancing in front of everyone!!).


Other than those fun outings I’ve just been working a ton lately.  My job at Starbucks is pretty stressful and the days I have to open are my least favorite.  I have to get up at 3:20 am so I can be there at 4:30! Sometimes on those days I take two naps after my shift because I’m so sleepy. haha Definitely necessary!

Hope you have a great 4th of July! 🙂


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