Favorites lately.

Blog faves set 1

Hello there! Today I’m sharing my fave random things/places/ideas/whatever else pops into my mind at the moment!

1) Oh my gosh I am on the hunt for a top like this.  The off the shoulder chiffon sleeve top is what I’m seeing it most often described as.  These things are hot right now and it’s nearly impossible to find one.  And of course I decided I NEED one in lavender but all are sold out on every site I find them on 😦 I’ve been scouring boutiques like Red Dress, A Cut Above, etc. but no luck just yet!

2)Trail mix. Yeah. Random I know.  But seriously I think my favorite food right now is trail mix.  Since I’m always hungry between meals I grab a handful and I’m good to go.  Plus I love taking it to work with me too.  My fave kind has yogurt covered raisins in it because we all know those are the bomb.com

3)Fifty Shades…yeah I’m a little late to the party on this one.  Although I may be leaving the party as soon as I’m done with it.  I was hooked on the book when I first started reading but after the first 150 pages or so it’s just lots of sex and lots of the main character freaking out.  Kinda lame if you ask me.  I may read the other 2 in the series but honestly I’m in no rush to after I finish the first.  I’d rather spend the rest of my summer reading more interesting books that aren’t a porno every 3 pages.

4)Apple Cider Vinegar! This stuff is all the craze right now.  I just found out about it last week and all the health benefits it reigns.  I immediately went out and bought a bottle the next day.  Clearing your skin, helping with digestion, weight loss, and energy levels are all things it claims to aid in.  I’ve only been drinking it about a week and haven’t noticed anything yet but I’ll keep you all posted! (FYI this stuff is seriously potent! After 5 days of taking it I’m just now able to finish my whole glass of it. I use a little Crystal Light peach mango green tea, 1 Tbs. of the vinegar, and water yet I still take a while to drink it all! My Dad has even started taking it yet he just downs the tablespoon like a shot…yeah no thanks) Update: I’ve actually stopped taking the ACV as of right now.  I’m having major stomach/digestion issues and I’m not sure if this has made it worse! I’m going to the doctor asap though as every day is a struggle now 😦

5) I had been searching for a mirrored tray for my perfumes for months now and finally found one at my local thrift store the other day! Only $6 too which was such a deal.  I had almost given up and was going to order one off of Etsy but those were all at least $12 plus ten bucks or more to ship! Glad I waited.

6)Myrtle Beach!!! My Dad and I are going in July and I catch my mind drifting to laying on the beach during my long shifts at work.  I cannot wait to go as the last time I had a vacation was when I went to Disney for my 18th birthday over two years ago! One thing I’m excited about is going to Margaritaville.  I’ve been on a huge Jimmy Buffet kick lately and I’ve never actually eaten at a Margaritaville so that’s on my to-do list when we go!

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