Favorites lately.

Blog faves set 1

Hello there! Today I’m sharing my fave random things/places/ideas/whatever else pops into my mind at the moment!

1) Oh my gosh I am on the hunt for a top like this.  The off the shoulder chiffon sleeve top is what I’m seeing it most often described as.  These things are hot right now and it’s nearly impossible to find one.  And of course I decided I NEED one in lavender but all are sold out on every site I find them on 😦 I’ve been scouring boutiques like Red Dress, A Cut Above, etc. but no luck just yet!

2)Trail mix. Yeah. Random I know.  But seriously I think my favorite food right now is trail mix.  Since I’m always hungry between meals I grab a handful and I’m good to go.  Plus I love taking it to work with me too.  My fave kind has yogurt covered raisins in it because we all know those are the bomb.com

3)Fifty Shades…yeah I’m a little late to the party on this one.  Although I may be leaving the party as soon as I’m done with it.  I was hooked on the book when I first started reading but after the first 150 pages or so it’s just lots of sex and lots of the main character freaking out.  Kinda lame if you ask me.  I may read the other 2 in the series but honestly I’m in no rush to after I finish the first.  I’d rather spend the rest of my summer reading more interesting books that aren’t a porno every 3 pages.

4)Apple Cider Vinegar! This stuff is all the craze right now.  I just found out about it last week and all the health benefits it reigns.  I immediately went out and bought a bottle the next day.  Clearing your skin, helping with digestion, weight loss, and energy levels are all things it claims to aid in.  I’ve only been drinking it about a week and haven’t noticed anything yet but I’ll keep you all posted! (FYI this stuff is seriously potent! After 5 days of taking it I’m just now able to finish my whole glass of it. I use a little Crystal Light peach mango green tea, 1 Tbs. of the vinegar, and water yet I still take a while to drink it all! My Dad has even started taking it yet he just downs the tablespoon like a shot…yeah no thanks) Update: I’ve actually stopped taking the ACV as of right now.  I’m having major stomach/digestion issues and I’m not sure if this has made it worse! I’m going to the doctor asap though as every day is a struggle now 😦

5) I had been searching for a mirrored tray for my perfumes for months now and finally found one at my local thrift store the other day! Only $6 too which was such a deal.  I had almost given up and was going to order one off of Etsy but those were all at least $12 plus ten bucks or more to ship! Glad I waited.

6)Myrtle Beach!!! My Dad and I are going in July and I catch my mind drifting to laying on the beach during my long shifts at work.  I cannot wait to go as the last time I had a vacation was when I went to Disney for my 18th birthday over two years ago! One thing I’m excited about is going to Margaritaville.  I’ve been on a huge Jimmy Buffet kick lately and I’ve never actually eaten at a Margaritaville so that’s on my to-do list when we go!


Georgetown weekend.

FYI- I wrote this post about 2 weeks ago….yeah I’ve been a little slow on the blogging front. So just pretend you’re reading this 2 weeks ago because I’m lazy and don’t feel like changing all the tenses. haha sorry! 😛

So last weekend my awesome roommates and I had the pleasure of staying in Georgetown D.C. for the night thanks to one of their amazing moms! One girl in our group had never been to Georgetown before so her mom agreed to pay for a hotel for all of us for one night so we could have a girls weekend. Seriously, this hotel was amazing, but more on that later!

Last Friday I drove to my roommate Maya’s house and it was SO great to see her. I hadn’t seen her since the day we moved out and we were all in tears and very emotional that day so it was a much happier day this time 🙂 We then carpooled from there to head to our other roommates house that was aobut 45 minutes away. Once we got there, the 5 of us then drove into the city to meet up with the other two girls! Props to Ashley for driving in D.C. (for the first time ever I might add) because driving in that city is torture. You pretty much have to be rude, obnoxious, and evil to drive there, all of which she is not so once again, thanks Ash!! Once we finally found the hotel, we had to deal with the parking dilemma. It would be $30 plus tax and a tip to do valet (ouch) and that’s not including the overnight fee of $48! So we decided to skip that and found a parking lot that would only charge $20 for overnight. Score!

By this time it was around 2 and we were all STARVING. We met up with the other two girls in our group and headed to a place called Thunderburger for lunch. THe place was decorated really neat, it had a rock n roll vibe to it, and since we were a group of 7 we got seated at this huge dinner table in the back with a chandelier. Our waitress was nice but obviously this place had major problems. It took us about 20 minutes just to order, and some guy came to take our order instead…not our waitress. About an hour later, yes an hour, we finally got our food. I was at the point where I was so tired and hungry I was feeling lightheaded! Worse yet, one of the girls in our group had ordered an appetizer which never came. I had order the falafel burger which was only okay. The sauce overpowered it too much in my opinion but I was so hungry I ate the whole thing, minus the top bun! Once we were done, we asked to speak to the manager about the whole appetizer thing. Well the manager turned out to be the guy who took our order! He came over and said he was sorry, that he forgot to write it down. But he didn’t really sound like he cared that much nor did he apologize for the long wait or offer any discount! So overall, don’t EVER go to Thunderburger in Georgetown, horrible management and just okay food.

After our not so lovely start to our trip we were all happy to get out of there and we walked the streets of Georgetown for awhile. It was actually pretty cold so we only lasted about an hour after window shopping. We headed back to the hotel where we all crashed on the plush queen beds! We then proceeded to just hang out, talk, and catch up while eating junk food and watching Friends on the flat screen. Honestly this was my favorite part of the trip as I had missed them all so much! We had a blast just talking and eating haha

bad pic of the room but can't you tell how swanky it is?

bad pic of the room but trust me it was so nice!

After laying around for a few hours we decided to head out to get some dinner…which was quite a challenge.  You see two of the girls had went ahead and made a reservation at a seafood place a few blocks away down by the waterfront.  Well when we got there we soon realized it was a little too pricey for us. Nearly every entree started at $25…yeah not happening on a college student budget! So we set out to find somewhere cheaper to eat.  We all could not agree on anything, and since there was 7 of us none of the restaurants that were reasonable could seat us till like 10:30! So, we passed a Dean & Deluca, which is an upscale market.  A few of us saw some appetizing things in their fresh foods section so we decided to get some things from there while the other half of our group got a pizza about a block away.  I forgot to take a picture but I got a piece of salmon and some pasta salad which came to about $15.  Normally I would think that’s way too much, but if we had eaten at a restaurant an entree would have cost that alone plus a tip!


Dean & Deluca was so pretty!

Dean & Deluca was so pretty!

look at these adorable marzipan pigs! so cute.

look at these adorable marzipan pigs! so cute.

Anyways we all took our food and ate in the indoor seating area at Dean & Deluca and had a great time! It was way more laid back and since my group of friends is pretty loud, we got to be ourselves haha. Oh, how could I forget?! We also all stopped by Georgetown Cupcake too before we ate our dinner.

OHHH my gosh, Gtown Cupcake literally has the best cupcakes in the entire world.  I got the Hummingbird cupcake and it was to. die. for. I scarfed it down in about .2 seconds I’m sure.

Commence drooling now...

Commence drooling now…


I would kill for another one of these right now....just kidding!  maybe not...

I would kill for another one of these right now….just kidding!
maybe not…

After eating our dinner we were all actually really tired. Kinda lame but since we’re all 20, not 21, it’s not like we could go to any of the clubs so we just decided to head back to the room!  We ate more junk food and talked which was great.  Since there’s so many of us it really is great when we all have the chance to catch up with one another.  We all actually ended up going to bed around midnight or so since we were so exhausted!

We woke up pretty early the next morning because 2 of the girls had a 4 hour drive back home.  We set out in search of some breakfast and ended up at the last place on earth I wanted to go….Starbucks!!! I work at Starbucks so going there on my mini-vacay was not so great but eh, I lived! I got a skinny vanilla latte and a spinach and egg white wrap which was okay but not heated all the way through. Blegh.

My nickname among my friends is Reese/Reecey cup/ Reecey :)

My nickname among my friends is Reese/Reecey cup/ Reecey 🙂


After breakfast, the 2 girls who had to leave headed out.  We were then stuck with a few hours till we had to leave the hotel room so we decided another trip to Georgetown Cupcake was necessary! 😉 The line was pretty long already, but we only had to wait about 20 minutes.  I got a white chocolate raspberry one for myself and a mint chocolate cookies and creme one for my dad. Both were amazing of course!


Unfortunately after our cupcake run it was time to go.  It was pretty sad because we all have no idea when all of us will be together again.  But I’m so thankful I got to spend the weekend with my amazing roommates in such a cool city! 🙂

°o° Clarice