Six Flags Great Adventure!

Hey there! So this back on the 16th my Dad and I had quite the adventure. Have you ever heard of the roller coaster Kinga Ka?

If not, it’s the worlds tallest (456 feet) and the nations fastest (0-128 in 3.5 seconds) roller coaster!!!

Literally, this coaster is scary amazing.

Anywho, my Dad and I have talked for about a year that we should drive up to the park its located at someday. Well we did it! We drove up to Jackson, NJ to Six Flags Great Adventure there and back in one day! It was about a 4 hour drive for us so we left around 6 am. Yeah…The drive wasn’t too bad but we did hit some traffic and the worst part was really the New Jersey Turnpike-there was just nothing to look at it was SO boring!

We finally got there around 11 and headed straight for Kingda Ka rightaway!! The wait wasn’t too bad and soon enough we were next in line….so of course it had to break down then. Yep. The train that was coming in to the station had gotten stuck on the track right before it came into the loading area. The problem was solved in under 10 minutes though thank goodness and soon enough we were all strapped in!



Yep, that’s it right there. crazy huh?

Oh. my. goodness. I consider myself a coaster lover, and I’m always up for a thrill, but I was actually a little nervous for this one! It went so crazy fast that my mind was just blown. The whole ride itself lasts 50 seconds, but it felt like 10! It was easily the most thrilling coaster experience I’ve ever had.

After my dad and I got off we were a bit dizzy and weak in the knees! haha So the next coaster we got in line for was the Superman one. This one was unique in that, instead of sitting normally, you get in the seat then it raises you back so that you are staring at the floor! It literally makes you feel like you are flying! The wait for this one was kinda long, about 45 minutes, but my dad and I both agreed that it was worth it. It was a totally different coaster experience than we were used to!

After Superman we decided to eat some lunch. We ate at some Italian place which was only okay. We were so hungry by that point we didn’t really take the time to look at all the options. I had a turkey blt wrap which was only okay.

Sylvester was right outside when we were done with lunch! He was so cute 🙂


We then headed to the other side of the park to ride some more coasters. We first rode Skull Mountain. Don’t waste your time on this one if you ever go here. It was over in about 5 seconds and very very lame. We went to get in line for Nitro next but after waiting 20 minutes the coaster broke down so we got out of line for it. Batman was right next door so we went to that one. This coaster was pretty good except for the fact that the queue was half in a stairwell that had no ventillation and they had very loud sound effects playing that were quite annoying.




After Batman we went on the Dark Knight coaster which was only okay too. It was pretty much just like a crazy mouse coaster- the kind that jerks you sharply. :/

Then, speaking of Batman, I met him!!! He was out meeting and taking photos so I just had to see him. Even though I couldn’t see his face-he had a really hot voice! haha Batman has always been my favorite, ever since I was a kid. Nerd alert: I even had a Batman phase and went as Batgirl for Halloween one year!


After meeting the Dark Knight himself we headed over to the Skyscreamer. This is like the awesome swing ride…except at 250 feet up in the air! It apparently goes 40mph too! My Dad, even though he just rode the tallest coaster in the world, is actually afraid of heights and hates any “tower” rides. So he sat this one out while I went on it by myself! The wait wasn’t too bad and I really enjoyed it! It was pretty crazy being up that high just in a swing, but I loved the views from up there.



They had the old Six Flags bus there! Anyone remember those commercials with the old guy dancing? I miss those 😦

By this time it had started getting pretty hot so my Dad and I went in search of some cool treats. I knew what I had wanted before we got there. The park had bubble tea!!! I am literally obsessed with bubble tea. I had my first one back in January and have wanted another ever since. So we found the bubble tea place and I got a green milk bubble tea…but for some reason it wasn’t green??? Oh well, it was still great!


My dad got some orange cream frozen custard and then we headed over to an area where they had like 20 claw machines. My dad is obsessed with claw machines and always manages to win something from them. So after his second try he won a tweedie bird! I had randomly been checking the other machines to see if there was any leftover change in them and I found 50 cents in one. So I took it and won a pink fish in one of the machines! I was shocked, we had both won prizes!

It was getting kinda late in the day so we decided to ride Kingda Ka one last time before we headed out. We got in line, and after waiting about 35 minutes we got on! Now, the whole time we rode I had been trying to convince my dad to ride the front row. He said no at first….but then finally agreed! So we got the front row, and ohhhhh my gosh was it amazing!!! It was so fast that our cheeks were actually pulled back the whole time! Yeah it was that crazy. I loved every second though and was sad this was the last time we got to ride it.


We met Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck too!

It was about 6 then and the park was closing so my dad and I headed out. We stopped by the gift shop on the way out and I got a few things. I got a kids XL Kingda Ka t shirt, which I’m surprised fit me! Hey it’s cheaper so why not?! And I also got a 5 pack of superhero socks. Honestly I just wanted the Batman ones because the whole pack was $18!! But I’ve already worn most of them and they are pretty cool 🙂

On the way out of the park I gave my pink stuffed fish to a little girl. The look on her face was priceless and I’m pretty sure I made her day-which in turn made mine! Her parents both thanked me and her mom said she loved fish which was perfect! Really, making kids happy and seeing the joy on their faces makes me feel so good. Just one of the many reasons why I want to work for Disney 😉


Bye Six Flags!

The ride home was pretty uneventful except for when we stopped for dinner. I nearly had a cow I was so excited. We stopped at one of the rest houses on the way back and when we were taking the exit I saw the sign for what was offered there…….EARL OF SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!


I am still excited about it. haha The last time I ate at Earl of Sandwich was when I went to Disney World for my 18th birthday over 2 years ago. So it had been awhile. I seriously thought the one in Disney was the closest one to me! haha I got the Full Montagu without the roast beef or cheddar, it still came with turkey and swiss, and it was DELICIOUS! I felt like I was at Disney when I ate that sandwich 😀 And we also got one of their brownies too which was probably the best brownie I’ve ever had.

We got home around 11:15 and my dad and I were wiped out! It had been a great day and I’m so glad my Dad and I finally got to ride Kingda Ka!

°o° Clarice


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