Hiya! Boy do I have an embarrassing story to share today.  Let’s backtrack to last Saturday shall we? See my mother and I used to take this amazing, like the best workout class ever, bootcamp every Saturday morning. Unfortunately our instructor had to cut the Saturday morning class and now we just have it on Wednesdays.

So, last Saturday, my Dad had left to go to some rock festival that he had a ticket for and I was just sort of laying on the couch with my dog Copper trying to get motivated to do some sort of workout.  I had only been home a few days but I had already missed running on the treadmill like I do almost every day while at school.  Since I don’t have a treadmill I decided to go for a quick 30 minute run outside since it was a gorgeous day anyways!

I got dressed, had my polar watch on ready to go, and had my phone in hand ready to listen to some tunes while I go for my jog.  Here’s where it went downhill…I guess I was a little too eager to get back to running therefore I didn’t really warmup at all.  I kind of just left my driveway, walked a few paces, then took off.  Well…. not even a quarter, maybe a third, of a mile did my right leg pretty much give out-causing me to tumble to the asphalt and fall pretty badly.  I think I might have rolled a bit- I’m not really sure.  I do know the only thing that went through my mind was to save my iPhone that I had in my hand! haha I mean really, even though it’s replaceable, I don’t have the money to buy a new one right now!

Anyways, after I ate the pavement, I quickly got up, obviously very embarrassed and limped back to my house. I was literally like 50 feet from my backyard so it wasn’t too far. I think one of my neighbors might have seen because I heard someone yell something but I’m not sure if it was at me-plus I was too mortified to look back 😛

Once I got inside I assessed the damage I’d done and it was prettyyyy bad. Caution!!! If you don’t like blood scroll past this first picture!


Yeah- pretty gross huh? I also had scrapes along my other leg and elbow and was bleeding slightly in a few other spots.  So mainly my right knee took the worst of it.  I came close to crying after it happened, but I actually just started laughing because I thought wow, it would figure this would happen to me! And plus I had a cool picture to show off my wound too. haha It’s actually just now starting to heal but it’s still really sore and still turning a whole bunch of lovely colors right now 🙂 Moral of the story? Warm up before you run if you haven’t in a few days!!!  I definitely plan to run outside again soon though- maybe I’ll wear kneepads though…..kidding!

The next day was much better however as I went shopping with my mother at the outlets.  We had a great day shopping and found some good deals.  Reebok had their shorts 2 for $30 which was a pretty awesome find.  These shorts are SO comfy! The blue pair has fabric that’s so soft and buttery feeling.


sorry it’s sideways!

We also stopped by Home Depot and looked at all the pretty spring flowers!


Another awesome thing this week was that I had my first success with overnight oats in a jar!  I’ve tried overnight oats so many times but never had any luck-they were always too bland tasting and I also didn’t really like cold oats either.  Well I saved a bunch of my peanut butter jars from school to experiment with when I got home and this one was great! I put about 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, maybe like 2 tbs vanilla greek yogurt, 1 tbs chia seeds, 1 tbs flax seed, and about 1 tbs agave, oh and some cinnamon too!

In the morning I heated them up however since I don’t like them cold.  Which, even though they are better warm, I was wondering if heating them up in the plastic jar was such a good idea with BPA stuff in plastic and all :/ Anyone know if that’s really bad to do? And also next time I make ooiaj I’ll probably skip the greek yogurt too if I can because it gave the oats a slight tart/sour taste that I was not a fan of.

But other than that they were great! After heating them up I sliced up some banana and stirred those in and topped it with a bit of granola too.  These kept me much fuller than my regular oatmeal I usually make!


picture taken after I had devoured the oats 😉

Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Clarice °o°

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