Long time no posts huh?

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this blog but life has been a little crazy lately.  I’m officially home for summer and actually kinda sad about it.  This past year at school was probably the best year of my life.  I met so many great people and was welcomed into a family of friends that I will have for life.  Not to be too sappy, but the girls I lived with this past year made life so much better for me!

Anyways, last weekend my roommate, Maya, our friend Emily, and I all decided to take a little study break and go to Busch Gardens for the day!!! I’m an annual passholder there so I pretty much know that park like the back of my hand! Seriously I think I went about 25 times last year…We had such a blast together and the lines were pretty much non-existant.  The weather was also perfect too, it only rained a little bit as we were leaving.

I think my favorite part of the day was watching Maya scream her head off on the rollercoasters! And somehow we all rode Mach Tower too even though they were both terrified of it and said there was absolutely no way they would go on it. We all lived though as you can see 😉


The fan favorites on the bridge between Germany and Italy.


Apollos Chariot!

After a great day at the park we unfortunately had to finish up our exams and move out.  This past Wednesday was one heck of a long and emotional day.  I won’t go into detail but let’s just say I haven’t cried so much in one day for a long long time.

My Dad and I didn’t get home till late Wednesday night (our 4 hour drive back instead took 7 hours due to horrendous traffic and car trouble!).  Of course all I wanted to do the next day was sleep in and unpack all the scary amounts of stuff I had managed to cram into my dorm.  However, that didn’t happen.  I worked at Starbucks last summer and unfortunately I was called in to work Thursday-my first day of break! Now I don’t want to sound lazy or spoiled but I reallyyyy did not want to work so soon.  In fact, this job is starting to cause me so much stress that it’s just not fun anymore.  The Starbucks that I work at is fairly new as we just opened last year, but the management (or lack thereof) has had trouble finding decent workers.  Since we’re the only Starbucks within a 20 minute drive we are constantly slammed.  So add that in with crappy co-workers who don’t show or don’t do their jobs right and you get a very unorganized and chaotic workplace.  I really hate to quit but I’ve already started looking for a new job.  I make pretty good money at Starbucks which I’ll miss, but when my job makes me unhappy and not be able to be friendly to customers then I know it’s definitely not worth it.  After all this is just a summer part time job-not what I want to do for the rest of my life! Whew…sorry for the rant there. Just really frustrated right now :/

To cheer myself up a bit today I headed to the library to get some books to read! The first one I got is The Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz.  I talked about her newest book, Relish, in my last post but still haven’t gotten it yet so I thought I’d check this one out first!


I was also SUPER excited to find Jillian’s new book! I’ve already read a bit of the first chapter and I recognize a lot of the stuff she talked about during her tour that I went to last week.


And to end this post, the best part about coming home for the summer is this guy.  Don’t know what I’d do without my little brother ❤


Have a great weekend!


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