Six Flags Great Adventure!

Hey there! So this back on the 16th my Dad and I had quite the adventure. Have you ever heard of the roller coaster Kinga Ka?

If not, it’s the worlds tallest (456 feet) and the nations fastest (0-128 in 3.5 seconds) roller coaster!!!

Literally, this coaster is scary amazing.

Anywho, my Dad and I have talked for about a year that we should drive up to the park its located at someday. Well we did it! We drove up to Jackson, NJ to Six Flags Great Adventure there and back in one day! It was about a 4 hour drive for us so we left around 6 am. Yeah…The drive wasn’t too bad but we did hit some traffic and the worst part was really the New Jersey Turnpike-there was just nothing to look at it was SO boring!

We finally got there around 11 and headed straight for Kingda Ka rightaway!! The wait wasn’t too bad and soon enough we were next in line….so of course it had to break down then. Yep. The train that was coming in to the station had gotten stuck on the track right before it came into the loading area. The problem was solved in under 10 minutes though thank goodness and soon enough we were all strapped in!



Yep, that’s it right there. crazy huh?

Oh. my. goodness. I consider myself a coaster lover, and I’m always up for a thrill, but I was actually a little nervous for this one! It went so crazy fast that my mind was just blown. The whole ride itself lasts 50 seconds, but it felt like 10! It was easily the most thrilling coaster experience I’ve ever had.

After my dad and I got off we were a bit dizzy and weak in the knees! haha So the next coaster we got in line for was the Superman one. This one was unique in that, instead of sitting normally, you get in the seat then it raises you back so that you are staring at the floor! It literally makes you feel like you are flying! The wait for this one was kinda long, about 45 minutes, but my dad and I both agreed that it was worth it. It was a totally different coaster experience than we were used to!

After Superman we decided to eat some lunch. We ate at some Italian place which was only okay. We were so hungry by that point we didn’t really take the time to look at all the options. I had a turkey blt wrap which was only okay.

Sylvester was right outside when we were done with lunch! He was so cute 🙂


We then headed to the other side of the park to ride some more coasters. We first rode Skull Mountain. Don’t waste your time on this one if you ever go here. It was over in about 5 seconds and very very lame. We went to get in line for Nitro next but after waiting 20 minutes the coaster broke down so we got out of line for it. Batman was right next door so we went to that one. This coaster was pretty good except for the fact that the queue was half in a stairwell that had no ventillation and they had very loud sound effects playing that were quite annoying.




After Batman we went on the Dark Knight coaster which was only okay too. It was pretty much just like a crazy mouse coaster- the kind that jerks you sharply. :/

Then, speaking of Batman, I met him!!! He was out meeting and taking photos so I just had to see him. Even though I couldn’t see his face-he had a really hot voice! haha Batman has always been my favorite, ever since I was a kid. Nerd alert: I even had a Batman phase and went as Batgirl for Halloween one year!


After meeting the Dark Knight himself we headed over to the Skyscreamer. This is like the awesome swing ride…except at 250 feet up in the air! It apparently goes 40mph too! My Dad, even though he just rode the tallest coaster in the world, is actually afraid of heights and hates any “tower” rides. So he sat this one out while I went on it by myself! The wait wasn’t too bad and I really enjoyed it! It was pretty crazy being up that high just in a swing, but I loved the views from up there.



They had the old Six Flags bus there! Anyone remember those commercials with the old guy dancing? I miss those 😦

By this time it had started getting pretty hot so my Dad and I went in search of some cool treats. I knew what I had wanted before we got there. The park had bubble tea!!! I am literally obsessed with bubble tea. I had my first one back in January and have wanted another ever since. So we found the bubble tea place and I got a green milk bubble tea…but for some reason it wasn’t green??? Oh well, it was still great!


My dad got some orange cream frozen custard and then we headed over to an area where they had like 20 claw machines. My dad is obsessed with claw machines and always manages to win something from them. So after his second try he won a tweedie bird! I had randomly been checking the other machines to see if there was any leftover change in them and I found 50 cents in one. So I took it and won a pink fish in one of the machines! I was shocked, we had both won prizes!

It was getting kinda late in the day so we decided to ride Kingda Ka one last time before we headed out. We got in line, and after waiting about 35 minutes we got on! Now, the whole time we rode I had been trying to convince my dad to ride the front row. He said no at first….but then finally agreed! So we got the front row, and ohhhhh my gosh was it amazing!!! It was so fast that our cheeks were actually pulled back the whole time! Yeah it was that crazy. I loved every second though and was sad this was the last time we got to ride it.


We met Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck too!

It was about 6 then and the park was closing so my dad and I headed out. We stopped by the gift shop on the way out and I got a few things. I got a kids XL Kingda Ka t shirt, which I’m surprised fit me! Hey it’s cheaper so why not?! And I also got a 5 pack of superhero socks. Honestly I just wanted the Batman ones because the whole pack was $18!! But I’ve already worn most of them and they are pretty cool 🙂

On the way out of the park I gave my pink stuffed fish to a little girl. The look on her face was priceless and I’m pretty sure I made her day-which in turn made mine! Her parents both thanked me and her mom said she loved fish which was perfect! Really, making kids happy and seeing the joy on their faces makes me feel so good. Just one of the many reasons why I want to work for Disney 😉


Bye Six Flags!

The ride home was pretty uneventful except for when we stopped for dinner. I nearly had a cow I was so excited. We stopped at one of the rest houses on the way back and when we were taking the exit I saw the sign for what was offered there…….EARL OF SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!


I am still excited about it. haha The last time I ate at Earl of Sandwich was when I went to Disney World for my 18th birthday over 2 years ago. So it had been awhile. I seriously thought the one in Disney was the closest one to me! haha I got the Full Montagu without the roast beef or cheddar, it still came with turkey and swiss, and it was DELICIOUS! I felt like I was at Disney when I ate that sandwich 😀 And we also got one of their brownies too which was probably the best brownie I’ve ever had.

We got home around 11:15 and my dad and I were wiped out! It had been a great day and I’m so glad my Dad and I finally got to ride Kingda Ka!

°o° Clarice




Wow! Sorry for the delay in blogging. My week has been crazyyy though! I’ve been working a ton and had plans every day that I’ve been off.  I definitely feel like I’ve been on the go ever since I got home from school.

Let’s backtrack to last Sunday! Mothers Day that is.  I had an amazing Mothers Day with my Mom.  To start off the day, we headed to church, the 8:30am service actually (which was a little too early haha).  My family and I haven’t been to church in a long time, but living with my new roommates/friends this past year made me realize how important religion was to each of them.  Since I hadn’t been in so long I asked my mother if she’d like to go with me and she agreed!

We had a lovely time and felt very welcomed.  Every one was super sweet, and although the pastor was out of town, the speaker for the service was great and talked about motherhood and I learned some interesting things! Overall we were very happy we went and are going back this Sunday too!

After church I wanted to take my mother out to brunch at a restaurant I’d always wanted to try called Eggspectation.  Well everyone else had the same idea as me and the place was packed! Our wait wasn’t too bad though, maybe like 20-25 minutes? Once we were seated we placed our order and got our food fairly quickly.

I got the vegetarian omelette and subbed in egg whites with a side of fruit and whole wheat toast! It was very yummy.  I wasn’t too full afterwards either which is always nice.


I always remember to take the picture after I’ve already taken a few bites…oh well.


After we ate, and waited for the check for like 20 minutes, haha, we headed over to Charming Charlie’s to do a little shopping! I ended up spending wayyyy too much money but now that I’m working again I didn’t feel too guilty. I loved the bow belt I found too-I’d been looking for a belt like that forever now! And those colorful statement necklaces are so popular now so I thought I’d try one out.  I never wear orange so I’m hoping I’ll figure out some outfits to wear it with!




So overall my mom and I had a great day.  She said she had an amazing mothers day and that’s all that mattered to me!

After spending the morning with my mom, I came home and my dad and I decided to head to the gym! I totally forgot to mention last week but I convinced my dad to sign us up for a gym membership.  It’s only about 10 minutes from our house which is great because I was a member of LA Fitness last year but it was located about 25 minutes away and I rarely went because I didn’t want to waste the gas! haha So we worked out for awhile and it felt great.  I hadn’t ran on the treadmill in so long so it felt good to shake out my legs a bit.

Then after the gym my dad and I made homemade pizzas for dinner.  I’d been wanting to make a homemade pizza for awhile so we finally got around to it Sunday night.  They were pretty good but the dough we got was a little too thick, therefore making our pizzas almost all crust :/  It may have been due to the fact though that I failed to let the dough come to room temperature for 2 hours….whoops! Mine turned out pretty good though so I can’t complain.  On one half I put sauce, cheese, peppers, and black olives while the other side had sauce, spinach, and mozzarella!


On a random note, my dad hung up a picture I’d been wanting to hang for awhile! Isn’t it pretty?! I love Disney of course, and have had this picture lying around forever.  And the butterflies I bought last summer on clearance at Target so I put them around it to make it look extra fairytale-esque 🙂


And since I’ve been working so much, I thought I’d share a picture from my job!


Drawn by yours truly! 🙂

Working at Starbucks is tough.  Some people may think- really?! All you do is pour coffee how hard could that be? Well let me tell you we do a lot more than that- we make the coffee, tea, mocha, stock supplies, take out the trash, keep track of the pastries, clean the seating area, etc.  And to make things worse- we wake up super early so all you morning folk can have your coffee 😉 I’m opening tomorrow meaning I have to be at work at 4:30 am. Yes you read that right- 4:30 in the morning.  I have no idea if I’m even going to sleep tonight at all…Okay end of my rant!


Have a good weekend!




Hiya! Boy do I have an embarrassing story to share today.  Let’s backtrack to last Saturday shall we? See my mother and I used to take this amazing, like the best workout class ever, bootcamp every Saturday morning. Unfortunately our instructor had to cut the Saturday morning class and now we just have it on Wednesdays.

So, last Saturday, my Dad had left to go to some rock festival that he had a ticket for and I was just sort of laying on the couch with my dog Copper trying to get motivated to do some sort of workout.  I had only been home a few days but I had already missed running on the treadmill like I do almost every day while at school.  Since I don’t have a treadmill I decided to go for a quick 30 minute run outside since it was a gorgeous day anyways!

I got dressed, had my polar watch on ready to go, and had my phone in hand ready to listen to some tunes while I go for my jog.  Here’s where it went downhill…I guess I was a little too eager to get back to running therefore I didn’t really warmup at all.  I kind of just left my driveway, walked a few paces, then took off.  Well…. not even a quarter, maybe a third, of a mile did my right leg pretty much give out-causing me to tumble to the asphalt and fall pretty badly.  I think I might have rolled a bit- I’m not really sure.  I do know the only thing that went through my mind was to save my iPhone that I had in my hand! haha I mean really, even though it’s replaceable, I don’t have the money to buy a new one right now!

Anyways, after I ate the pavement, I quickly got up, obviously very embarrassed and limped back to my house. I was literally like 50 feet from my backyard so it wasn’t too far. I think one of my neighbors might have seen because I heard someone yell something but I’m not sure if it was at me-plus I was too mortified to look back 😛

Once I got inside I assessed the damage I’d done and it was prettyyyy bad. Caution!!! If you don’t like blood scroll past this first picture!


Yeah- pretty gross huh? I also had scrapes along my other leg and elbow and was bleeding slightly in a few other spots.  So mainly my right knee took the worst of it.  I came close to crying after it happened, but I actually just started laughing because I thought wow, it would figure this would happen to me! And plus I had a cool picture to show off my wound too. haha It’s actually just now starting to heal but it’s still really sore and still turning a whole bunch of lovely colors right now 🙂 Moral of the story? Warm up before you run if you haven’t in a few days!!!  I definitely plan to run outside again soon though- maybe I’ll wear kneepads though…..kidding!

The next day was much better however as I went shopping with my mother at the outlets.  We had a great day shopping and found some good deals.  Reebok had their shorts 2 for $30 which was a pretty awesome find.  These shorts are SO comfy! The blue pair has fabric that’s so soft and buttery feeling.


sorry it’s sideways!

We also stopped by Home Depot and looked at all the pretty spring flowers!


Another awesome thing this week was that I had my first success with overnight oats in a jar!  I’ve tried overnight oats so many times but never had any luck-they were always too bland tasting and I also didn’t really like cold oats either.  Well I saved a bunch of my peanut butter jars from school to experiment with when I got home and this one was great! I put about 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup skim milk, maybe like 2 tbs vanilla greek yogurt, 1 tbs chia seeds, 1 tbs flax seed, and about 1 tbs agave, oh and some cinnamon too!

In the morning I heated them up however since I don’t like them cold.  Which, even though they are better warm, I was wondering if heating them up in the plastic jar was such a good idea with BPA stuff in plastic and all :/ Anyone know if that’s really bad to do? And also next time I make ooiaj I’ll probably skip the greek yogurt too if I can because it gave the oats a slight tart/sour taste that I was not a fan of.

But other than that they were great! After heating them up I sliced up some banana and stirred those in and topped it with a bit of granola too.  These kept me much fuller than my regular oatmeal I usually make!


picture taken after I had devoured the oats 😉

Hope you all have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

Clarice °o°


Long time no posts huh?

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this blog but life has been a little crazy lately.  I’m officially home for summer and actually kinda sad about it.  This past year at school was probably the best year of my life.  I met so many great people and was welcomed into a family of friends that I will have for life.  Not to be too sappy, but the girls I lived with this past year made life so much better for me!

Anyways, last weekend my roommate, Maya, our friend Emily, and I all decided to take a little study break and go to Busch Gardens for the day!!! I’m an annual passholder there so I pretty much know that park like the back of my hand! Seriously I think I went about 25 times last year…We had such a blast together and the lines were pretty much non-existant.  The weather was also perfect too, it only rained a little bit as we were leaving.

I think my favorite part of the day was watching Maya scream her head off on the rollercoasters! And somehow we all rode Mach Tower too even though they were both terrified of it and said there was absolutely no way they would go on it. We all lived though as you can see 😉


The fan favorites on the bridge between Germany and Italy.


Apollos Chariot!

After a great day at the park we unfortunately had to finish up our exams and move out.  This past Wednesday was one heck of a long and emotional day.  I won’t go into detail but let’s just say I haven’t cried so much in one day for a long long time.

My Dad and I didn’t get home till late Wednesday night (our 4 hour drive back instead took 7 hours due to horrendous traffic and car trouble!).  Of course all I wanted to do the next day was sleep in and unpack all the scary amounts of stuff I had managed to cram into my dorm.  However, that didn’t happen.  I worked at Starbucks last summer and unfortunately I was called in to work Thursday-my first day of break! Now I don’t want to sound lazy or spoiled but I reallyyyy did not want to work so soon.  In fact, this job is starting to cause me so much stress that it’s just not fun anymore.  The Starbucks that I work at is fairly new as we just opened last year, but the management (or lack thereof) has had trouble finding decent workers.  Since we’re the only Starbucks within a 20 minute drive we are constantly slammed.  So add that in with crappy co-workers who don’t show or don’t do their jobs right and you get a very unorganized and chaotic workplace.  I really hate to quit but I’ve already started looking for a new job.  I make pretty good money at Starbucks which I’ll miss, but when my job makes me unhappy and not be able to be friendly to customers then I know it’s definitely not worth it.  After all this is just a summer part time job-not what I want to do for the rest of my life! Whew…sorry for the rant there. Just really frustrated right now :/

To cheer myself up a bit today I headed to the library to get some books to read! The first one I got is The Dorm Room Diet by Daphne Oz.  I talked about her newest book, Relish, in my last post but still haven’t gotten it yet so I thought I’d check this one out first!


I was also SUPER excited to find Jillian’s new book! I’ve already read a bit of the first chapter and I recognize a lot of the stuff she talked about during her tour that I went to last week.


And to end this post, the best part about coming home for the summer is this guy.  Don’t know what I’d do without my little brother ❤


Have a great weekend!