Hey there! So to say I’m horrible at keeping up with this blog would be an understatement.  I knew when I started this blog I probably wouldn’t keep up with it consistently.  With the end of this semester nearing I have had lots of tests, assignments, and a ridiculously long paper I should have started by now…haha

Anyways not so much has happened recently besides spring/summer seemed to start out of nowhere!!  Going to a school near the beach has its perks although I have yet to go!


Seriously how many people can say this is less than 20 minutes from their school?!

But still this weather has been SO relaxing and nice.  My favorite thing now is to relax on this bench outside of the gym afterI finish my workout and call my parents to chat. I even instagrammed it the other day 😉


I also randomly took a picture of my lunch the other day because I realized I haven’t shared a picture of one of my gourmet dorm meals yet. haha But yeah this is what my lunches usually look like, sometimes I’ll switch it up and have an egg white, jelly, and cheese sandwich or if the dining hall has salmon then I’ll be alll over that!


Turkey, lettuce, and mustard on a 100 calorie sandwich thin with a side of cukes, carrots, and Special K popcorn chips 🙂

Another meal I had this week- the chicken cobb salad with avocado from Panera. OMG this was sooo good!  My dad was down here near my school this week because of his work so we got to hang out a lot this week which was awesome! Anyways on Thursday we went to Panera before he had to leave and I got this. Definitely a new favorite, although avocado is one of those foods where I’m still kinda iffy on.  In sushi I’m fine with it, but by itself? Eh, it’s too mushy for me or something I don’t know.  But in this salad it was pretty good! I just cut it up into tiny pieces.


Sorry for the random crap in the background, My desk is where I eat 90% of my meals unfortunately lol

Another awesome thing this week was when my dad was dropping me off back at my dorm after we got sweet frog.  We were passing another dorm building and saw this girl walking all these dogs! Keep in mind this was around 10:15 at night. Anyways the one leash had 3, yes 3, wiener dogs on it! So cute.  I look to the other leash to see what kind of dog that was…only to find out it wasn’t a dog at all! It was a teacup pig!!!! My dad and I freaked out. It was so stinking adorable!   I felt weird taking a picture but I just had to because one of my roommates is obsessed with teacup pigs and she freaked when I showed her!


SO CUTE!!! Look at his little harness leash!

That’s pretty much about all the exciting things that happened this week.  I cannot believe that this is our last full week of classes already! It’s crazy to think that 2 years of college has already gone by and that I’m halfway there!

Have a great week!

°o° Clarice

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