Birthday weekend!

Hey there! So it’s been awhile since I last blogged.  Partly because this past weekend I went home for my birthday and partly because I have been crazy busy with assignments this week.

So to start off my birthday let’s backtrack to last Thursday.  I have a 3 hour long class thursday nights from 6-9, which never lasts that long but is still superrrr boring! So I got out kinda early since we had a quiz that was optional so I skipped out around 7:30.  My roommate, Maya, had asked if I wanted to go to Target with her after my class so I said sure! Who doesn’t love a Target run? She was acting kind of funny after I got out of my class, texting me asking if she should get ready to go now. I said yeah I’m walking back! Then quickly realized…wait she never gets ready for anything!!! lol

At that point I thought maybe my roommates had something up their sleeves…. Sure enough, as soon as I opened the door to our apartment the lights were out and all of a sudden they flick on and everyone jumps out and yells “SURPRISE!!!!”

I was in TOTAL shock!!!!! They had decorated our apartment with balloons and streamers, made quesadillas for dinner (my favorite) and even had the most amazing cake for me as well!!! I could have cried I was so surprised and just overly thankful for having such great friends!

Here’s a picture of the amazingggggg cake!! It was made by a girl that goes to my school. Didn’t she do an amazing job?! Perfect for a Disney freak like me 🙂


As if that wasn’t enough, they also got me presents too! I couldn’t believe all they had done for me.  Everything they got me was amazing. One of my roommates got tickets for and I to go see Jillian Michaels on her tour!! She’s coming to our performing arts center on the 26th and I could not be more excited!!!

And my roommate, the one who shares a room with me, got me a watch that I had wanted for over a year now! I was so in shock she remembered it, since I told her about it months ago.  I really have the best roommates in the world.  Every day I’m so thankful for them!

After my amazing surprise party, the next day I went home to celebrate with my family! As soon as I got home from my 4 hour drive I took a nap with my dogs- my tradition now. hahah

Saturday I woke up and went to bootcamp with my mom.  The class was great and I got my birthday sweat on! lol  After that we came back home and got ready to go out for the day.

We first stopped at Kohls because we had a 30% off coupon and I reallyyy wanted some stuff from Lauren Conrad’s line!  I am obsessed with her and her style, and her line at Kohl’s is exactly my style.  My awesome parents got me a few things and I am in love with them 🙂

The plan then was to go to D.C. for my birthday, explore Georgetown, possibly a museum.  But….we got stuck in horrendous traffic outside of D.C. We figured it was because of it being Easter weekend but we soon found out the Cherry Blossom festival had started!!! And the cherry blossoms hadn’t even bloomed yet!

So needless to say, we scrapped the D.C. idea (because the whole place was insanely packed and took us an hour and a half just to get out of the city) and decided to head to old town Alexandria instead!  I’d been there once before but a long time ago so it was great getting to go back there again.

We pretty much just wandered up and down the streets going into various shops.

This one shop, called Decorium, is the coolest store ever! It’s an interior decor/design place and it’s SO girly. My mother and I are obsessed with it!


The outside of the store.


We stopped for cupcakes at one point. I got sweet potato chocolate chip! It was okay, I think Georgetown cupcake is better though 😉


Then we wandered down to the waterfront which was so pretty.  Seriously the day of my birthday was so beautiful, the weather was perfect!


My mother and I by the waterfront 🙂


My dad and I by the waterfront 🙂


Pretty flowers! Anyone else think of the Alice in Wonderland scene where the flowers sing to her?! #disneyfreakprobs

After spending about 4 hours there we decided to head home since we had to let our 2 dogs out and feed them dinner.  After we took care of the pups we went back out to dinner. I had had a craving for spaghetti and meatballs all week so we went to an Italian place called Mama Lucci’s.  I got my spaghetti and meatballs and it was delicious!

Once we got home my parents gave me my last birthday present and it was the Polar ft40!!!!! I was so excited. It’s exactly what I wanted and I had actually been wanting a heart rate monitor watch for a few years now.

Overall I had an AMAZING 20th birthday and all thanks to my amazing friends and my generous parents.  I can’t believe I’m not a teenager anymore! Hope this next decade of my life is even better than the last one! 🙂

°o° Clarice

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