Happy Monday!

This weekend actually went by pretty slowly for me which was nice for a change.  Two of my roommates were gone for the weekend so 3 of us were left to just chill and hang out which was much needed!

Friday night the 3 of us went out to Red Lobster for dinner (aka my favorite restaurant ever!).  The food was awesome as always.  I got the shrimp tacos with a side of broccoli.  And of course the cheddar bay biscuits were devoured within seconds of our waiter placing them on the table. Holy cow are those good.


After a fabulous dinner we made a quick stop at Target where I discovered something I had been wanting to try for awhile now….Pb&J trail mix!


Oh. my. god. This stuff is dangerous I’m telling ya.  As you can tell I’ve pretty much devoured the entire bag. Whoops.  I can already tell this is going to have to be a special occasion thing or else I will literally go through a bag a week!

Saturday I slept in a bit then headed to the gym early to get my workout done with for the day.  I was actually there for over an hour. I just did a random hodgepodge of cardio on the treadmill, the stairmaster, and a bit on the bike.  Then I did weights, mostly legs and abs, for about 20 minutes.

After that I came back and studied for the rest of the afternoon.  Then when my one roommate, the one I share a room with, came back from the conference thing she was at, the 3 of us watched………..


LES MIS!!!! Ohhhh my goodness let me just say I feel horrible for ever saying anything bad about this movie.  I honestly had no interest in seeing it as my roommate kept singing “I Dreamed a Dream” months before it came out therefore I was kinda sick of it. lol But holy cow, I never would have waited so long had I known how incredible it was.  I was literally sobbing at the end.  Eyeliner running down my face and all. (Which my lovely roommate decided to take a picture of haha).

But another reason I fell in love with it so much was because this amazingly hot guy was in it…


His name is Fra (short for Francis I learned today lol) Fee. He’s Irish and absolutely adorable. He played Courfeyrac in the movie which was a pretty small part, but once I saw him I could not get enough!!! Really I mean he could not be any cuter.

Anyways, the almost 3 hours it took to watch that movie was totally worth it!

Sunday I slept in again…almost till noon. Whoops.  And I just studied again for a math test that I had today.  Then we had our weekly family Sunday night dinner where we had breakfast for dinner, which is always good in my book! And then it started snowing. It never amounts to much at my school since we’re pretty close to the water but it was still pretty cool.

And that was my weekend.  Pretty relaxing and uneventful but it was still great! Now I’m hoping this week flies by because I’m going home Friday to celebrate a birthday….and not just any birthday- my 20th birthday! 🙂


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