Eating healthy in college

When I went off to college, eating healthy wasn’t really a priority of mine.  But once I found health and fitness blogs and started working out regularly, I discovered that eating healthy was another thing I could try and do to feel healthier.  At first I loved the food at my school, it was different and coming from a family that rarely cooks, it was a nice change.

However that soon ended!  Since I go to a fairly small school, about 5,000 students,  we only have 2 small dining halls.  They rotate the food and rarely have anything new.  Needless to say, I got tired of the food very quickly.  We actually have a small section in our dining halls called the “healthy haven” however don’t let that name fool you.

Half the time they still have fattening and over seasoned dishes and vegetables that are just as unappealing as the rest of the food offered.  Especially the vegan stuff they have sometimes.  Like last week, the vegan selection for dinner one night was “Vegan beef and potato nacho casserole”……Umm ew!!! I’m sorry but I doubt any person trying to eat a vegan diet would want to eat anything like that.

Ok enough ranting about my dining hall 🙂 Anyways, there are some occasional good things I find in our dining hall so I’ll share what my typical meals are


Since I have the 10 meal plan, I almost always make my own breakfast.  Usually I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal (Quaker weight control, I know instant is not so good for you but this kind has 7g of protein and only 1g of sugar!) with a spoonful of peanut butter and banana slices.  My other favorite is 1 1/2 toaster waffles with peanut butter and banana. Notice a trend with my breakfast? 😉


I wonder how many boxes of these I’ve gone through…eh maybe I don’t want to know!


I have whole wheat sandwich thins in my room so usually for lunch everyday I’ll have a turkey sandwich on one of those with spinach, mustard, and occasionally cheese too.  I’ll also have an egg white sandwich if I am tired of turkey that day or a good ole pb&j is always good in my book 🙂 My sides are usually some baby carrots and a handful of kashi crackers or chips.


Dinner is where I usually rely on the dining hall.  The dining halls tend to have better options for lunch so I’ll get whatever’s best that day and put it in the fridge for dinner.  Grilled chicken or salmon are pretty much the only things I’ll get for dinner.  At least one of the dining halls usually has grilled chicken but I get super excited on the days they have salmon because it’s SO good.  Of course in addition to chicken/salmon I’ll get whatever steamed veggies they have too.

I also always hit the salad bar in the dining halls pretty hard.  I’ll get spinach for my sandwiches, cucumbers, baby carrots, peppers, corn, etc. to add into whatever else I think of to make for a meal.  And another plus in my dining hall is the unlimited fruit they have.  I’ve been known to take an entire to-go box just full of bananas. 😉 

Ugh if only our salad bar was like the entire hot bar area at Whole Foods!! I would never go hungry again.


Other than that, pretty much everything else in the dining hall is fried or as I like to call it “guy food”. Blegh.  So it is kinda tough eating healthy at my school but I think after almost 2 years here I’ve finally figured out a good system for myself.

Question of the post:  If you go to college, how do you try to eat healthy?


°o° Clarice

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