Spring break

Sunday marked my last day of spring break so I thought I’d share the exciting (haha yeah right) things I did during my break!

The first thing I was greeted with when I got home was this…isn’t my Dad the best?!


I pretty much just spent the rest of that night relaxing and cuddling with my two dogs, Maisy and Copper, who I’d missed a lot! The next day my Dad and I went to go look at some new cars for me.  I mentioned in my first post that I like Volkswagens, well that’s kind of an understatement. haha I LOVE them.  My Dad is a total car guy ( he’s owned over 100 so far!) but his favorites are old VW’s.  I’ve grown up with Volkswagens my whole life, so naturally my first car was a silver new beetle.  It’s a 98, which was the first year they came out, and it’s had its fair share of problems so that’s why we were looking for a new one.  Unfortunately all the ones we found that weekend weren’t really great deals so the search continued!

One successful thing though was that my Dad and I did stop at this Asian market that was near a dealership we went to.  It’s called Lotte Plaza and is so amazing.  They have samples of delicious food everywhere, and even though all of the stuff is written in Chinese it’s still so much fun to look at! And I was SUPER excited when I saw they had bubble tea in the restaurant part of the store! I had always wanted to try it before!! I got the Pina Colada flavor and it was amazing.


On Monday my Dad and I went into Maryland to pick up some cabinets my dad had bought since he’s redoing our kitchen right now.  There was a Whole Foods nearby and since I am in love with Whole Foods I talked my Dad into stopping!  I thought the produce section was breathtaking, haha!  Just look at that rainbow of peppers! Yum!


On Wednesday we had a huge snowstorm hit but I unfortunately had to work that day and was called in early.  I work at the ever popular Starbucks! Yep I’m a barista 🙂 It’s a really hard job, especially at the one I work at since it’s the only one in the western part of my county so we’re always slammed.  But it is a good paying job and most of the people I work with are great so it’s not too horrible.  I also worked all day Thursday too.

After working all day Thursday my first order of business when I got home was to take a nap with these two.  Napping with two warm dogs. To me there is no better thing 🙂


That’s Maisy on the left and Copper on the right! I call them my little brother and sister since I’m an only child 🙂

Saturday  morning I was up early for bootcamp.  My mother and I go to a local dance studio for fitness classes about 2-3 times a week.  The bootcamp however is my favorite.  Our instructor is seriously the best fitness instructor I’ve ever had.  She’s a former fitness model and is the sweetest person in the world.  Her class always leaves me sore for at least 2 days afterward!  This past Saturday we used those fold out gym mats as elevation and holy cow was it tough! I thought for sure my legs would be sore from all the jumping and balancing we did on them but surprisingly my upper back has been sore from the weights we used.

My parents and I went out to Red Lobster for dinner my last night I was home since it’s my favorite restaurant!  We all stuffed ourselves with a little too much lobster (and Cheddar Bay Biscuits of course) but it was sooo good.  I was actually a little nervous after eating there since the last time I had eaten at a Red Lobster I ended up in the ER- but that’s a story for another day! 😉

Sunday morning I woke up early and packed up all my stuff and made some Kodiak Cakes for breakfast.  My parents and I went to this cool new coffee shop called Hypnocoffee where they slowly make all their coffee.  It was interesting, not the best, but maybe I’m too used to the stuff we make at Starbucks!


The coffee was pretty at least

So that was pretty much all I did over my spring break.  It was actually pretty busy but I still got to relax and cuddle with my dogs which was the best part 🙂 This week has been dragging but hey we’re halfway there thank goodness.

Have a great rest of the week!


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